The Top 5 Tips to Sew Better

by ARTiClass

Years ago, nearly everyone had sewing skills, and many individuals were adept at making their own clothing or other handcrafted projects. Sewing was even a part of most schooling through home economics curriculums. With budget cuts and the easy availability of affordable clothing and material goods at stores and via online shopping, sewing is a skill that seemed to fade away.

Recently, the art of sewing has been making a comeback. With this in mind, Agora Gallery has developed our ARTiClass, “Reap What You Sew” workshop, to get you comfortable with the basics of creating simple sewing projects such as bags and headbands. In addition, you’ll learn to be creative with scrap materials. To get you started on your exploration of sewing, here are some things to keep in mind.

1. Quality Matters

How well your sewing project turns out is a function of the raw materials that you put into it. If you choose to select subpar fabrics and thread for your project, you will have to be concerned with its ability to wear well over the long term. 

It is also important to remember that choosing the fabric that you will want to use is highly dependent on the project it is for. There are many types of fabrics available from cotton and wools to spandex and synthetics. You will want to ensure that you are utilizing the right fabric for your creation. 

2. Wash and Press

Not many people love doing laundry, but taking the time to launder your fabric before you begin sewing has important benefits. Throwing the fabric for your project into the washing machine helps to remove any extra dye that could bleed later on and takes out any chemicals that could potentially cause an allergic reaction. Also, choosing to give your fabric a wash will reduce or prevent post project shrinking and puckering, ensuring a polished final product.

3. Stitch Fix

When you are staring at your sewing machine, you will notice that it has a myriad of stitches to choose from. Making sure that you use the correct stitch for your sewing pattern and material is paramount to the success of your project. Hand stitching is also an important, but often forgotten skill to develop.

4. Finish the Seams

A professional looking sewing project will always involve having finished seams. This can be done in a few different ways. One popular method is trimming excess seam fabric with pinking shears. You can also use a zig zag stitch across the seam or even take advantage of a serger if you have access to one. 

5. It’s a Pressing Matter

Grab that iron and press all fabrics before you cut out any patterns. Also, press those seams as you go. It presents a very polished presentation and will show off how much you have worked to improve sewing skills. 

We hope these tips and our “Reap What You Sew” ARTiClass, Agora Gallery will get you on your way to mastering this timeless art.