Online Art Classes: Everything You Need to Know

by ARTiClass

Art is an amazing form of self-expression that heals the soul, brings people together, and creates beauty for all to enjoy. Maybe you have always enjoyed creating works of art, or perhaps you are just beginning to explore this activity. Regardless of which group you are, online art classes are a great option to learn new skills or refine talent that you already have.

When you take art classes online, it gives you the ability to connect with instructors and other passionate artists from all over the world. Online digital arts classes, as well as virtual instruction in many other media is available for your enjoyment, no matter where you may live. You may be asking, does the art institute offer online classes? The emphatic answer is yes!

There is a huge variety of high quality, yet affordable online art classes. Some of the areas that you can study are online digital art classes, illustration, painting and sculpting, to name a few. When you take art classes online, it offers you a great combination of convenience and self-pacing to fit your life and your schedule. 

In addition, online art classes promote collaborations and critiquing with instructors and classmates very similar to the interactions that you would experience in an in-person setting. Our art classes are designed to give you personalized instruction regardless of your level of expertise, beginning, intermediate or advanced. 

When you sign up for an ARTiClass workshop, you will work with a world class instructor who is an expert in their field. You can expect to be provided with a course syllabus and materials list. Class meetings are conducted via Zoom and are recorded for access in case you miss a session.

Classes are limited to no more than 10 participants, so that you get the personalized attention and feedback that you deserve. Our 1.5-2 hour live sessions will include live instruction with hands on practice and occasional homework so that you can refine your skillset.

There is no better program to study online art than with us. ARTiClass is stablished by a contemporary art gallery located in the heart of Chelsea, New York and has been committed to the preservation of art, inspiration of artists, and the collaboration of art lovers and creators since 1984. 

We support these initiatives through many avenues including artist promotion and gallery representation, a fine arts sales website, and a biannual art magazine and collection blog. As you further your studies with us, you could end up being featured. 

During this time of Covid-19, we invite you to dive into one of our wonderful courses and connect with our stellar community of artists and instructors. There is no better time than right now to try one or more ARTiClass offerings. With our amazing instructors and passionate students, we are sure you will be drawn in from the first moment.

Kinga Brassay
Visual Artist & Interior Designer

Kinga finds joy in acrylic painting on canvas and her paintings reflect the many colors of her life, personality, as well as her openness to new cultural scenes and new environments.

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