How to safely pack paintings for shipping

by ARTiClass

16 min of a simple and practical tutorial

Being in the gallery business for decades, we have identified the importance of properly packing artworks for shipping. There are various ways, and personal preferences on how to make sure that each piece arrives at its destination safely. There are many tips and tricks on how to pack effectively and efficiently, but there are the fundamentals that have to be considered, regardless of the preferences or availability of materials and equipment that you have around you. 

Packing pieces of artwork such as paintings require more than just bubble wrap, and finding an appropriate box. One the other hand, it is not too complicated to have to send it off for someone else to do it for you. Take some time to learn the basic but effective way to pack those valuable paintings and efficiently wrap them up the next time you ship them out. 

Now all that’s left is to ship your beautiful art and have many happy buyers expecting it all over the world!