How I became an acrylic pouring artist

From sneaking into art classes to running her own
by Kristina Tonev

Do You Have The Courage?

Today I would love to share my story with you, to show you that with courage and determination, anything is possible. 

If you have that passion, you can become a professional artist, see your art in galleries and share your heart with the world. 

Let me show you the troubles I pushed through to become an award-winning artist with paintings exhibited in prestigious galleries around the globe…


Just A Skinny Girl, Afraid To Have Big Dreams

I grew up in the Soviet Union - just a skinny, unattractive little girl in a large family.

When Lithuania became free, it was a massive shock to people. For my family, it was a tragedy... From having a farm full of chickens, cows and rabbits, with land for crops - to having to sell everything just to survive.

We, 4 children, had to grow up fast. It was time to start contributing so our family could get by.

So even though something deep inside me burned to become an artist one day, society was drilling this message into me:

“You can’t make bread from art.”

And of course, we needed bread.


An Emotional Look - My Early Days Of Struggle

Can you imagine 5 days like this? Come on a journey with me…

Day 1

While neighborhood children met up and played outside, I had to go to the woods with my sisters and brother.

We collected berries and mushrooms so we could sell them to help our family.

Only then could I play outside until the stars came out. Imagine us roaming in the fields, plaiting the sweet-smelling grass like hair and building sandcastles. My creativity was flowing, even then.

When the darkness fell, we’d make sizzling campfires. We would cook potatoes, tell spooky stories, and draw shapes in the sky with sticks that burned red-hot and bright.

We’d return home to our waiting parents, black soot on our tired but happy faces.

We were trapped, but somehow still free…

Day 2

While my friends went swimming in the lake I had to wander, with a heavy heart, to our allotment.

It was my muddy job to hand weed around our fruit and vegetables. I had to keep them alive and growing, so we had fresh food for our table.

But I dreamed of better things.

Sometimes Day 2 lasted for 3 days in a row…


Day 5

And then there was art.

When my friends were paying to go to art classes after school, I had to sneak my way in.

But I did it - because my passion for painting was stronger than my embarrassment.

At least the teacher saw potential in me. She was kind enough to help me, to give me tools and guidance. She accepted me.

What A Difference That Struggle Made

Just imagine the struggle I felt. That skinny, unattractive girl, who felt big dreams growing inside her, but was stuck believing she couldn’t make bread from art.

Yet what an impact those days made.

Because you know what?

  1. Now I know every single mushroom in the forest. Those wild days in nature fuelled my creativity and imagination until I was nearly bursting.
  2. I am not afraid to dedicate time and effort to get perfect results. I don’t give up easily -not at all! I trust the process, embrace the challenge and continue to grow.
  3. And I believe in human kindness. I genuinely want to help other artists like you, just like that teacher outstretched her hand to me. That friendly hand made all the difference…

And Now?

Of course, the magic didn’t happen straight away - sometimes magic takes time.

So whilst I’ve always been painting (even if I drew square apples instead of round ones!), it’s only since motherhood that I decided to follow my dreams.

I want my little boy to know he can follow his too - whatever they are.

Now I’m a full-time artist.

I make a wonderful living from my art. That little girl has come to realise how big her life really is, you are most invited to meet me and join my classes at ARTiClass

  • I run my own art classes, instead of sneaking into somebody else’s
  • I exhibit my award-winning acrylic pouring art around the globe in places like New York, Shanghai, Rome, France and the UK
  • And best of all, I teach creative souls just like you to reach your full, amazing potential

I want you to feel inspired, supported and taken seriously as an artist.

And I want to show you how you can make a beautiful living from your artwork.

Because I know how it feels to be undervalued, and I know how it feels to be valued. It’s up to us which one we choose.

Kristina Tonev
Acrylic Pouring Artist & Instructor 

Kristina Tonev, also known as SirK, is an award-winning acrylic pouring instructor with more than 20 years of painting experience. Kristina specializes in enhancing art techniques and helps other artists to turn their art into masterpieces.

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