Body Mind Art

by Carisa Bledsoe

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Creativity is birthed and maintained in the soul. We can bring peace to the experiences we live in our bodies, the thoughts that come through our minds, and the revelations unearthed in our art, by making space for the souls’ inquiries through creative expression. In the Body Mind Art course, I guide meditations that help us to connect with the moment at hand and our deeper selves. I propose ideas for how the meditative experience can fuel creative expression. Though I personally like to work with charcoal and watercolor paints, the medium of choice is less important than the process of interrogating the experience. The experience I am looking to bring is one that connects us to the moment passing and brings a greater consciousness to the soul.

Souls are the entities of ourselves that exist in the cusp of now and hover in the knowings from before; they will always be a part of the future, because they are the base for what comes next. Souls are the portals for how we receive and transfer energy with each other and all sentient beings. As one of many living beings on this planet, humans must learn to live in harmony with all of life in order to create peace. This means taking time to notice the grass that sticks out of the cracks in the sidewalk when walking down the street. It means learning patience from the spider that might otherwise make you scream. It means hearing the silence in the noise of children playing. It means engaging in difficult conversations, and being prepared to fully see perspectives that challenge your personal reality. By waking up to the truths in the world around us, we have the opportunity to see more clearly what it truly means to live peacefully.

Living in peace is a utopian concept that many desire for themselves and each other, but the work it requires is not evident for everybody. A lot of human beings choose to spend most of their lives playing the past on repeat rather than interrogating the role they are playing in today’s history. In a world where leaders can not be trusted to lead and natural landscapes like some humans’ lives are not valued in society, finding faith for the pursuit of wholeness is not easy. It’s a choice to live consciously. It’s a luxury to live at ease. In order to survive peacefully we have to stay awake. This means: keep looking, keep asking, keep going, keep breathing. Create! The art we make when creating from a place of internal inquiry reveals the uncertainties and mysteries in our own understandings. In this way, creative expression encourages us to engage with what we do not understand instead of running away. When we confront difference with grace and curiosity, we create space for healing in our minds.

It is easy to get caught up in the mindset of making something for the sake of selling something. And in the art world, selling something can sometimes seem like the epitome of an artist living successfully. The thing is, that’s just not true. Though I wish deliverance from the starving artist life for all creators, making space for well being is also a noble creation worthy of celebrating. The more we practice being well, the more we will, as a society, recognize the value in just living. As an artist, one of my greatest goals is sharing this understanding and managing to live in its truth everyday. I invite you to join me for the journey.

Take a break from everything and enjoy a 30 min relaxing and inspiring lecture with guided meditation.