Introduction to Drawing - Still life, Landscape, Abstract & more

10 weekly workshops - 1.5 hrs each meeting

In Introduction to Drawing, you will experience different techniques for creating contour drawings, landscapes, still lifes, as well as various compositions that range from abstract to realistic. Through these techniques, participants will also become more attuned to the importance of colors in our lives.

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Painted Emotions, artwork by Kinga Brassay

  Course Curriculum

Lesson 1: Welcome to the World of Art!

  • The importance of ART in our life! What is your style and and how to use your skills. Getting familiar with different mediums: pencil grades, charcoal, etc…

Lesson 2: Composition

  • The joy of creating a composition! Focal Point, Different types of Balance and What is a Viewfinder?

Lesson 3: The Joy of Creating a Landscape

  • How much do we want to show on our paper? Use your Viewfinder. Steps of creating a landscape, Traditional landscape vs. Abstract Landscape

Lesson 4: Contour Drawing and Blind Contour Drawing

  • Examples of Contour Drawing Artworks, Blind Contour vs. Contour Drawing. Drawing with Sharpie Marker

Lesson 5: Gesture Drawing

  • Definition and it’s importance, Line of Action, Head measurements, Angles

Lesson 6: Still Life

  • Creating a Viewfinder, Steps of creating a still life

Lesson 7: Different Drawing Techniques

  • Hatching, Cross-hatching, Blending, Stippling, etc…

Lesson 8: Creating with Colors

  • The importance of colors in our life, Do you love colors, or are you afraid of them? Color as a mood changer

Lesson 9: The Beauty of Working with Charcoal

  • Charcoal as a versatile medium. Everything that you need to work with Charcoal

Lesson 10: Let's Talk about Abstract

  • Expressing yourself with an abstract work. How to apply Golden Leaf on your works. Working with Acrylics.

A brief overview of the last 10 weeks course

Materials and Preparations

  • A list of needed materials:

    For your convenience, we teamed up with A Cherry on Top, art supplies. Order any product with a 20% discount using promo code AGORA20.
    You may choose any other supplier or product you prefer.

    ● Acrylics
    Acrylic brushes
    Sharpie Marker
    Pencil HB, B2 and B6 or B7 or B8

  • For more detailed information about recommended materials:

    ● Colors - it is suggested to start with primary colours,(red, yellow, blue) as from those we can mix all kinds of other secondary colours as well. You can also buy a smaller acrylic set as well, with  few different colours. 
    ● Brushes - any Acrylic brushes, depending on the size that you want to work on. For smaller paintings - smaller brushes, for bigger paintings - thicker brush sizes. 
    ● Any brand for acrylics can do.

    ● Color - preferably black, but you can use any other colour you like. 
    ● Size - preferably - Sharpie-Ultra Fine Point and Sharpie-Fine Point and maybe a much thicker one as well (Please see the attached picture for this). 
    ● Can be bought at - Michaels, Staples, Dollarama, Walmart, Amazon, etc... 

    ● Types - one HB or B, B2 or B4, B6 or B7 or you can a kit, where they have one from each.
    ● an eraser and a sharpener is also recommended
    ● Recommended brands: Staedtler and Faber-Castell

    ● No brand, but better to choose between the willow or vine charcoal (almost the same), compressed charcoal or charcoal pencil
    ● If you wish to see the different results, it is recommended to have them all. 
    ● A sandpaper would be also recommended to sharpen them.

    ● Size - Preferably no smaller than 8x11. 
    ● For acrylics, some canvas or some canvas paper (sizes are depending how big you want to go).
    ● You can find Sketchbooks in Michaels, Walmart, Staples, Amazon, Dollarama or any art supplier.

  Meet your Instructor

Kinga Brassay


Kinga finds joy in acrylic painting on canvas and her paintings reflect the many colors of her life, personality, as well as her openness to new cultural scenes and new environments. 

Coming from a family of artists, Kinga grew up watching her grandmother paint and her father prepare for photography exhibitions. She started elementary School of Arts, graduated at High school of Art, and earned her degree Bachelor of Arts in Visual & Decorative Arts and Design at the University of Arts in Romania. 

Over the years, she has had solo and group exhibitions in Romania and Canada and has been featured in newspapers and television programs where she showcased her versatile work history-from interior design to acrylic painting. Since 2004, Kinga has also illustrated books such as Adventures of Kálmi the Curios and Pirinyó

Kinga started as a personal drawing instructor in Targu Mures, Romania, and today she teaches Interior Design and Drawing at the Visual College of Art and Design in Calgary, Canada.

  What people are saying about the course

An amazing course and wonderfully teacher

Dani Salitrenik

  5 star rating

Learning to draw was always a dream of mine. Thanks to Kinga the kind teacher who is full with patience and inspiration, I fulfill this dream. Thank you so much

Wonderful experience! 100%fun!! Thank you!!

Ayaka T

  5 star rating

At first, I felt very nervous to join this course because the term is long and we have time differences....but I always enjoy every class because the teacher is nice, and other artists (students/from all over the world) are also nice in spite of my poor English... I could get many art techniques in this course !! I appreciate you all because you made (make) my special experience during this pandemic. I’ll be sad when the course is end... I hope someday I'll visit teacher's place (Canada)and other countries after improving my english.....😖They are all nice people! I want to say Thank you so much for all in advance!! 🙏

I enjoyed my last class this morning (in my place). Thank you,I learned a lot through this course. Really appreciate teacher Kinga, you always gave me new idea and aspects!!/students,who showed me beautiful results from all over the world!!/All staff,you gave me great opportunity in this pandemic!! Thank you!!

work on line drawing

Martin Heguilistoy

  5 star rating

In the course we work with the line from drawing an object without looking at the sheet, and without lifting the marker from it (continuous line). then the same activity but looking at the sheet. and finally we could lift the marker and draw the object normally. 👍 then I post a drawing of this class here we work continuous line and we could look. 

It seemed very good and I felt very comfortable greetings from Argentina


Carolina Caceres

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