Body Mind Art

6 weekly workshops - 1.5 hrs each meeting

Following a brief moment of guided meditations and soothing body exercises, you will be invited to use watercolor paints and contour line drawing to express your feelings.

Price: $325
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Artwork by Carissa Bledsoe

Our bodies, our minds and our art are intrinsically linked. Unleash your inner power into creative expression with our instructor Carisa Bledsoe. Each session begins with a brief moment of guided meditation and body exercises to help each participant harness their full creative energy into art and painting. Working primarily with watercolors, this workshop will help all become in-tune with the body's role in the creation of art. 

Artist Carisa Bledsoe’s course is rooted in three core principles: Healing, inspiration, and growth. The goal of this course is to hold space for the practice of self love and creative expression. She will lead students in thoughtful exercises for watercolor painting, catering to beginners through advanced students. She focuses on personal expression, and invites you to explore and express your feelings through imagery. Also known as narrative illustration, this is a fantastic skill for artists to grasp. Don’t miss this exclusive opportunity to learn the delicate art of watercolor illustration while learning so much about yourself! 

  Course Curriculum

This is not a step-by-step “how to” paint course. Body Mind Art is a methodology-based course that investigates the creative process by developing a holistic approach to art making. Checking in with how our bodies feel day to day helps us become more in touch with our physical and mental states. You will discover how connections between the body and the mind are inspiration for creative expression.

Lesson 1: Breathe

  • From a guided meditation on being present we will develop a set of drawings and paintings about the journey of our breath in and out of the body. 
  • We will focus on breathing fully and deeply as a way to find calmness and embody a sense of stillness.

Lesson 2: Stand

  • Working from a place of investigation, we will develop drawings and paintings thinking about the spine as a source of stability. 
  • We will focus on finding strength in a standing* pose of power. Incorporating strong attention to our breathing, we will activate our support from the base of the spine upwards.

Lesson 3: Be

  • Energized by the sensations of being in time and space, we will develop drawings and paintings that consider the energy of presence. 
  • Focus on a brief warrior flow as we consider what it means to be in each moment passing.

Lesson 4: Soothe

  • While considering what parts of ourselves need particular love and attention today, we will create drawings and paintings that express our feelings. 
  • Focus on self massage techniques that soothe tension in the neck. As our spine relaxes, we can better connect with the sensations elsewhere in the body.

Lesson 5: Connect

  • Thinking about our deepest sensations and desires, we will create drawings and paintings inspired by our reflections. 
  • Focus will be a guided meditation connecting with how our feelings manifest through the body. We will spend time in a seated posture noticing the thoughts that pass pertaining to pleasure.

Lesson 6: Satisfy

  • Checking in with what we need today, we will create drawings and paintings to share thoughts on our internal states. 
  • From a restorative pose, lying on the back or with the feet propped against a wall, we will check in with the body from toe to head and allow space for movement that reflects what the body needs to feel at ease.

A brief overview of the last 6 weeks course

  Materials and Preparations

  • A list of needed materials:

    For your convenience, we teamed up with A Cherry on Top, art supplies. Order any product with a 20% discount using promo code AGORA20.
    You may choose any other supplier or product you prefer.

    ● Comfortable clothes
    ● Water based paint (i.e. watercolor, acrylic, tempera...)
    Paint brushes
    Drawing utensil(s) (pen, pencil, marker, etc...)
    ● Paper Masking tape or painter’s tape (optional)

  • You can also watch this as preparation:

  Meet your Instructor

Carisa Bledsoe

Carisa Bledsoe |  Visual and Performing Artist

Carisa is a yoga and meditation practitioner with particular interest in mind-body connections and how they lend towards a balance within oneself, the universe, and nature. She holds a degree in Interarts Performance (Interdisciplinary Art Practice) from the University of Michigan, Ann Arbor (U.S.A.) and is currently completing the second of two degrees in Benesh Movement Notation from the Conservatoire National Supérieur de Musique et de Danse de Paris (France). In addition to working in movement consultation, notation, and research, Carisa’s art has been installed and performed in France and Brazil, as well as throughout the United States.

  What people are saying about the course

  5 star rating

Wonderful experience!

Stephanie Holznecht

Carisa was a great teacher. She opened up a whole new way of loving myself, and therefore loving my art. Before the class I was feeling so overwhelmed with everything going on in my life, and not just COVID-19, that the thought of picking up a paintbrush had become foreign to me. Carisa's class has helped teach myself to mediate and center myself before beginning to paint. It really helps! In no way have I become an expert in only six classes, but I have learned enough to help myself get over that stagnant hump, and for that I am thankful.

  5 star rating

So peaceful!

Anna Karambela

Excellent workshop. Carisa is a brilliant instructor and she has a great way of transmitting her positive and calm energy. Would definitely recommend to everyone, regardless of their artistic skills. I had no experience in creating art and this workshop helped me express my feelings on paper like never before. Thank you, Carisa!

  5 star rating

A Space Of Gratitude and Acceptance

Naphisabiang Khongwir

I was deeply moved by this session with Carisa. It has allowed me a space to be okay to be vulnerable and to be aware of the self. I will be carrying out this exercise in my daily routine.

  5 star rating

Very good workshop!

Fumi Lee

The instructor was extremely good, and this was such a fun workshop. If she conducts another workshop like this, I would love to join again. Highly recommended!

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Price: $325

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